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October 12th, 2007, 7:48 pm


1. The Jeeves Place 2007 Tournament In A Hat is on hold. Beany has vanished from the net, and as he was running it, the contest has fallen apart. I'll be restarting the contest soon and sending PMs to those who have signed up as soon as I get some details worked out. Thanks for your patience.

2. Vitotamito has sent in a Free Script, which Jeeves' Place is hosting. You can view it here:

3. Because of Vito's submission, I went ahead and put together a quicky archive for Free Scripts here:

4. There's likely not going to be a "big" launch for JP, like I originally planned. However, I will keep working on the site, and bringing it inline with the planned-out vision. As problems come up, and as I have time, I will continue to tweak and refine.

5. Thanks for reading!

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