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Text Box: Turns out there was no war.
Image: field of graves. A man stands in the center of them.

Text Box: It was all a lie
Image: Close up, the man wearing a Trench-coat, and a hat. It's raining, and smoke is drifting up over his shoulder.

Text Box: 14 million people died.
Image: Far off shot of graves.

Text Box: A drop in the bucket to the trillions of lives that makes up our little empire in space.
Image: The man's face, scarred. He looks like he's struggling to not scream.

Text Box: Two moons, devastated.
Image: Space. The A moon sits in the foreground, another in the background. We can clearly see that both moons are wrecked, debris, both metal and rock orbit them, forming rough rings around their circumference. In the foreground, a corpse floats.

Text Box: And they don't even want to believe it was real.
Image: Another shot of the devastation, closer to one of the moons. You can clearly see the havoc whatever weapons were used played with the moon. Chunks of the planet have been carved out.

Text Box: Sure, we gave as good as we got.
Image: The man smiling, humorlessly as he sits on a gravestone.

Text Box: Fifteen colony ships. Approximately one-third of their entire civilization.
Image: Space. The ruins of 15 ships, scattered and broken. Alien corpses float around them.

Image: Man lighting a cigarette.

Image: Up-angle shot of the man, chin up, blowing smoke out.

Text Box: Not that it matters much. It's all being swept under the rug.
Image: Full shot of the man with his eyes closed, still on the grave. He is facing another grave, which has a large arrangement on flowers before it.

Text Box: We're all friends now.
Image: Human and aliens shaking hands, cheesy, cheery. Big press conference.

Text Box: The aliens come in peace.
Image: Close up of the human and alien shaking hands. Both are waving.

Text Box: ...Since the other method failed so spectacularly.
Image: Another shot of the devestation.

Image: Man rubbing his jaw.

Text Box: They're supposedly here to help now.
Image: Silhouette of the man on the gravestone, looking down. Other graves are nearby.

Text Box: They've got technology, we've got space.
Image: A valley, one of the Alien Ships is being gutted to turn into a Colony.

Text Box: It's a beautiful arrangement.
Image: The press conference of smiles again.

Image: A flower arrangement in front of a gravestone. The man's shadow is cast over them.

Image: Man standing there, staring at the flowers.
Man Speaking: I wish you could see it, Lydia.

Image: Gravestone reads Lydia Casewell, Born 2344, Died 2363

Image: Close up of man's head. His eyes are closed, he's broken inside.
Man Speaking: It would make you ill.

Image: Man walking away. Down rows of graves.

Image: Further back, man still walking. The two broken moons hang in the background. A colony ship, pristine and shiny, slowly descends.

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