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They Stole It From Us

1. Dark, establishing shot outside a facility.
Text box: They stole it from us...

2. Int. still dark, but a skylight can be seen.
Text box: It really is as simple as that,

3. same, but a dark ninja-type shape is slipping through, dropping out of sight.
Text box: though I'm sure the historians will likely say otherwise.

4. on the ground, the dark-ninja-type shape lands with grace.
Text box: They'll say it was our pride,
our race's greatest cultural achievement,

5. Ninja-shape is joined by two more.
Text box: and that without it we,
as a people, would be a good deal less than what we were...

6. Ninja-group runs towards well lit door.
Text box: But we're dying, slowly so I don't see what it matters.

7. at the door now, the ninja-shapes spread to either side, barely seen.
Text box: It won't save our people or show us the true worth of our culture or any of that poetic crap.

8. From the well-lit hallway, staring at the dark door, as the ninja-shapes peek out. We can see for the first time they are not human.
Text box: It's meaningless, just a bauble.

9. Ninjashapes, better lit down (and very much non-human), running down a hallway.
Text box: But it's ours, and they stole it from us...

10. Guard sees them and shouts.

11. The creatures look back at the guard, one of them throws something
Text box: And we want it back...

12. The guard staggers back, a large blade embedded in his chest
Text box: ... At any cost.

13. The creature slinks over and recovers its knife. They continue down the hall.

14. A security door. The creatures spread out, one of them bows down beneath a console, fiddling with the wires.
Text box: But then, I've never been much of a tale-weaver. What I say is simply what I feel.

15. The door (from the other side) slides open, and the ninjas stand there.
Text box: I cannot take the actions of a few, and make them into heroes.

16. Show the bauble finally, a shape that's both alien and beautiful. It's about the size of a desk-globe, roughly circular.

17. The creatures stand there, staring.
Text box: Especially when I know that these were not the best brightest, strongest, or fastest that we had.

18. Another guard sees them and calls out.

19. The creatures split up as the guard starts shooting.
Text box: We were not the most honorable, the most ethical.

20. The creatures hide behind museum displays.
Text box: Some of us I'm sure were doing this out of greed, out of envy, and out of spite.

21. One of them stands up and throws another blade.

22. The guard catches it in the head.
Text box: We were thieves.

23. The creatures turn back towards the bauble, protected in a glass case.

24. One of them smashes the case open.

25. The creature holds it up over his head and laughs.
Text box: It's a good thing I've never listened to the storytellers anyways.


Posted By: jimmydabomb, July 13th, 2007, 9:04 pm

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Notes On The Script: Animus drew up a wonderful version of this comic, which can be found here:

Posted By: jimmydabomb, July 13th, 2007, 9:06 pm

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