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I'm Not Human.

1. Setting - Close up of a man's face. Youthful, moody.
Textbox: I've realized it's all a lie

2. Setting - Guy stands at the edge of a sci-fi tower (preferably balancing on a narrow beam or some such), a fantastic city spreads out below him. He wears a cloak or a coat which billows in the wind. He is not smiling.
Textbox: It almost worked, though. For a moment, I almost believed

3. Setting - A slightly different shot, showing the man standing there, but now we can see there are orderlies nearby. Big brutish men in white shirts and nametags. They are calling out to him, gesutring for him to come back. We can't hear them, though.

4. Setting - Back to the guy's face. He's smiling, slightly.
Textbox: But it was never true. I was never meant to be there.

5. Setting - A close up of the orderlies gesturing and shouting. Still, we cannot hear them (maybe use empty text bubbles to show they are talking?)
Textbox: I'm not insane.

6. Setting - Back to the second show, the man turning away from the orderlies, facing out to the edge.
Textbox: There was something they never told me. Something I just knew.

7. Setting - The man steps off the ledge, arms outstretched.
Textbox: I'm not human.

8. Setting - Black.

Posted By: jimmydabomb, July 13th, 2007, 8:59 pm

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