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About: Jeeves' Place
Jeeves's Place (JP for short), is a community site, dedicated towards the service of fellow SmackJeevers. JP has a few, simple goals to better the experience for the every single member of Smack Jeeves:
  1. To give those of us who spend way too much time on Smack Jeeves something more to do than hit the forums over and over again.
  2. To archive and highlight some of the most humorous, helpful, and entertaining posts from the forums, for all of Smack Jeeves' non-forum readers.
  3. To provide the Smack Jeeves community with resources, services, games, and guides that benefit the community as a whole.
  4. To give Smack Jeeves members a place to show off their projects other than their comics.
  5. To let Smack Jeeves members practice and refine their skills as artists and writers with contests and challenges to help stir their creativity.
  6. To provide weekly/bi-weekly/monthly updates and offer content worth reading.
  7. To create a welcoming, fun, and relaxed environment.

JP Staff is currently:
  • Co-owners
    • JimmyDabomb -- AKA Joe, the mad architect of JP.
    • GamersAnonymous -- AKA Brent, the...less mad architect.
  • Managers
    • Beany -- The mad master of contests, and guardian of the links
  • Various Staff
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